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How to maintain light luxury furniture?


Nowadays, people's pursuit of quality of life is becoming increasingly high. In terms of living, many people will choose to purchase high-end furniture such as Italian luxury furniture. Although the price is relatively high, these luxurious and high-end furniture must be of better quality. But even with the best quality of furniture products, there will inevitably be some problems during continuous use. Today, Sany will introduce some maintenance tips for furniture, which can reduce or delay damage caused by various factors.


1. The maintenance of luxury furniture requires long-term cleaning and upkeep. It is recommended to wipe the surface with a cloth every two weeks to prevent stains from seeping into the surface. Evenly place heavy objects, pay attention to moisture prevention and regularly wax and polish them.

2. The maintenance of leather furniture should always maintain ventilation inside the house, as excessive dryness or dampness can cause the furniture to age. The maintenance of leather furniture is most afraid of being stained with oil. Do not clean it directly with water, but gently wipe it with a dry cloth dipped in a specialized leather cleaner. After cleaning the leather sofa, you can spray a specialized leather cleaner and wipe it repeatedly with silk to prevent leather aging.

3. There are also many issues to pay attention to when maintaining fabric furniture. Fabric sofas and beds can be cleaned with a dry towel and regularly vacuumed, at least once a week. In addition, if you find loose threads when maintaining fabric furniture, do not use your hands to pull it off. It is best to use a small vacuum cleaner to clean it.

4. Indoor placement should not only be kept away from areas with strong air flow such as doors, windows, and air vents, but also avoid exposure to direct sunlight. This will shorten the lifespan of furniture, and chemical brighteners should not be used to avoid damage to the sticky paint film. In this way, the maintenance effect of the furniture will be better, and it can also extend the service life of the furniture.

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