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How to clean stains on leather sofa and leather soft bed

2021-12-13 1314

For leather sofa and leather soft bed, a layer of stains will inevitably appear after a long time of use, which not only affects the overall beauty, but also is difficult to remove. A good cleaning method is to use a dry rag dipped in a little egg white or pure milk to repeatedly wipe the dirty place, so that the leather sofa or leather soft bed can recover the original brightness. The main reason is that the dermis contains fat, while the egg white and milk also contain the same substances, which is nothing more than the principle of "same-sex absorption" to quickly dissolve the stains on leather beds and leather sofas.

In addition to the methods described above, you can also use banana peel or orange peel to wipe the surface of the sofa, and then wipe it with a wrung rag. It is mainly because banana peel and orange peel contain a lot of soft fibers, which can effectively remove stains through friction.

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